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About Us

AlamoEQ Optimize’s Mission

"At AlamoEQ Optimize, our mission is to empower (SME) small and medium businesses with state-of-the-art HR and leadership training, integrating the principles of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). We strive to provide businesses with the tools to navigate the ever-changing market trends successfully. Our commitment extends beyond conventional assistance, as we aim to support business owners with extra guidance, fostering their EQ skills and resilience. Through this comprehensive approach, we aspire to elevate customer experience, build unwavering loyalty, enhance productivity, and drive increased revenues. AlamoEQ Optimize is dedicated to being the strategic partner that equips businesses to thrive in today's dynamic business landscape."

Andrea Boes, founder of AlamoEQ Optimize, brings over 20 years of customer service and EQ leadership in automotive and luxury hospitality. Recognized for excellence, including as a Pinnacle Winner in Sales. Experienced in international relations and diplomacy as a government contractor. Certified by the International Coach Federation and UC Berkeley. Committed to continuous learning. Proud of Colombian heritage, infusing multicultural perspective into AlamoEQ Optimize. Mission: redefine success through emotional intelligence, integrating cultural richness with operational excellence. Excited to embark on this journey with you.

Andrea Boes, founder of AlamoEQ Optimize, holds a BS in Hospitality Management from Politécnico Grancolombiano, a BA in Human Resources from Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, and an MA in Organizational Leadership from Bradman University. Additionally, she is EQ Certified in Emotional Intelligence at Work from the University of California Berkeley, a Certified Coach by World Coach, and an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) by the International Coaching Federation.


“Partnering with an EQ-Sales Coach isn’t just an expense; it’s a strategic investment in the success and longevity of your team and business. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, companies that prioritize emotional intelligence training for their sales teams witness a 20% increase in overall sales performance. Additionally, Forbes reports that businesses embracing EQ coaching experience a significant reduction in employee turnover, up to 25% compared to those without such coaching initiatives. The importance of nurturing emotional intelligence in sales is further emphasized by a report from the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations, which indicates a 15-25% increase in sales outcomes for teams that undergo EQ coaching. In today’s competitive market, where customer relationships are paramount, having an EQ-Sales Coach as your strategic partner is not just beneficial; it’s a proven catalyst for lasting success.”